What We Do

Protecting always all the equipment and people, survey all the electrical risks and present turnkey solutions to our customers from LV (Low Voltage) to HV (High Voltage).

Our Seven Goals

Standardize and regulate         Awareness and training         Research and development HV

Project / Risk assessment         Sales and After Sales         Electrical Installation Services         Audits / Technical Inspections


Standardize and regulate

On the national electrical engineering committees
Presence active on:
- Portuguese CTE 81 LPS (Lightning Protection Systems) and Risk Assessment.
[ ... ]



Raise awareness on the experts, designers, junior and senior operational technicians, about our target solutions and products offer.


...and training

Training all technicians and operative staff in High voltage, LPS and SPD Intercom IP and Nurse Call systems, which require specific knowledge, expertise and competency to operate in a safe and competent manner. [ ... ]


Research and development HV

Research and development of technical solutions in High Voltage, in partnership with some HV laboratories and researchers from the most important Universities in Europe.


Project / Risk assessment

Design and elaboration of electrical projects. Develop, validate and verify all the technical studies and projects through the competent authority, according the legislation and standards of the country.

Sales and After Sales

Sales and after sales of our portfolio products from our brand PARARAIOS.PRO and major PARTNERS, such as:
- Lightning protection - ESE Rods; Franklin Rods, Cage Systems, and all the earthing accessories.
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Electrical Installation services

Installation services of electrical systems from Low to High Voltage. We are expertise’s in turnkey projects such as:
- HV Installations Services (Complete Substation Installation until 230kV, Including Design/Build.
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Audits / Technical Inspections

Audits and inspections of electrical engineering such as: Power quality analysis, Thermal imaging, Soil resistivity & Earth testing, LPS and Earthing surveys, Electrical preventive maintenance, Circuit Breakers, Battery testing, HV diagnostics & Fault location.