Management Message

Our main concern has been centred on the research and analysis of the tasks and missions directly linked to INNOVATION


INNOVATION is an advanced phase of the competition marked by:

Diversified business areas; New clients; Differentiated products and equipment; New implementation and assembly methods; Different forms of relationship management with the different market stakeholders;

To recap, INNOVATION is the knowledge and the practice of everything that can set us apart from our competitors, specifically in regard, to the thoroughness, method and forms of proceeding.

It is with this backdrop that the present message has been provided, praising and thanking all those who, in their varied roles as Clients, Client Supervisors, Suppliers, Associates and Supporting Staff, have contributed and continue to contribute, enabling us not only to keep adding to the history of works carried out, but also to be congratulated on the standpoints and correct procedures we have used over these almost 20 years.