HV and MV Installations

● Complete Substation Installation to 230kV Including Design/Build.
● Substation/Switchyard Maintenance and Modifications.


LPS (Lightning Protection Systems)

● ESE System (Active Rods) Systems.
● Faraday Cages Systems.
● Franklin Rods Systems.
● Thunder Storms Detection.
● Full and continuous remote surveillance management of LPS and Thunderstorm on facilities.
● Surge Arrester Systems. (SPD)


Welding and Grounding Systems

● Grouding grids, rings and special earth systems.
● Bonding and equipotentation grounding systems.
● Exothermic welding for all facilities and railway.


Nurse and Assistance Call Systems

● BEST IQ Intelligent healthcare communications with Management Tools Android APPs.
● BEST Proactive Intelligent attack alarm with exact positioning for the healthcare sector. BEST
● BEST senior intelligent call & care solutions for all categories of Senior Living.
● ICALL a full IP system with intercom Vingtor-Stentofon.


Intercom and PA (Public Address) by IP or analogic

Pulse systems by IP without exchange when intelligible communication is the combined result of three key elements: Hardware, Software and Mechanics. Miss one and your sound quality may be compromised
Alphacom systems by IP or analogic - Intelligible Communication
Exigo the Pubilic Address and emergency call system. Key Offerings include Public Address, Radio and Intercom complemented with a wide range of supplementary systems


Electrical Installations such as:

● UPS systems.
● Power Generator Systems.
● Airports aircraft landing lighting systems.
● Scenic lighting systems.
● Underground Distribution/Transmission Systems from 5kV to 115kV.
● Electrical installations and their paths with conduits and boxes.
● Industrial installations, tertiary and residential.


Renewable Solutions

● PhotoVoltaic Installations (Smart grid and individual installations)
● Mini Wind (Small Farms and individual installations)


Low Voltage Installations:

● Fire Alarms Installation & Monitoring
● Closed Circuit TV
● Security Systems