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Innovative solutions for the industry, oil & gaz and services. From Low Voltage to High Voltage we have a solution for you!


A new concept of partnership

GeometricStorm has decades of experience in implementing projects in Europe and Africa, and has the facility of having office to serve its activities in both continents.
Our team carries out R&D in HV, design, training, sell, inspection, expertise and implementation of electrical systems in a variety of industries and different areas of business.


Intelligent Communications

Communication is critical in all areas of business.
Our communication solutions allow you to hear, be heard and be understood, every time.

About Us

GeoS is a trading style of GeometricStorm Unipessoal, Lda a limited company registered with Portuguese tax number 510159206


Social responsibility:
Sponsorship of a hockey team in 2014 (SCJ-LAD) under its own brand PARARAIOS.PRO
Continuous training of the employees in foreign languages and computer user`s software.


Geometric Storm´s activities started in Carregado - Alenquer, where our facilities are located.
Nowadays we also have an office in Angola - Luanda.
Our structure is based in a warehouse and in an office with a versatile team leading with our 7 goals: R&D in HV, design, training, inspection, sell, and implementation of electric installations such as:
● LV and HV electrical works
● LV and HV surveys and inspections
● LPS Lightning Protection Systems
● SPD Surge Protective Devices (Surge Arresters)
● Grounding and Welding Systems
● IP and Analog Intercom and PA (Public Address) Systems
● Nurse Call, Anti Panic and Assistant Call Systems

With an excellence service and a big range of offer available for you.

HV ID Research

LPS Lightning


Nurse Call


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Quality, Environment and Safety

GeometricStorm is in certification process in Quality, Environment and Safety - ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
Uses the same process and methodology for Oil & Gas and Heavy Industry ISO/TS 29001, ensuring the highest levels of quality in our services.

With a top level of commitment to environmental responsibility.